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At JOAH, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products. We use the finest material and world renowned designers to create individual pieces that stand the test of time. We aim to create a much deeper relationship between the customer, the designer, the craftsperson and the material.

Finest materials

Our Hokkaido range uses the finest wood from the Hokkaido region of Japan. It is known for its dense, durable, and strong grain pattern, making it a popular choice for high-end furniture and cabinetry. The rich natural color and unique grain patterns of Hokkaido wood add a touch of elegance to any interior design.


Our craftpeoples are based throughout Japan and Scandanavia. Collectively they have decades of experience learning from the previous generation of craftspeople and honing there skills year after year. Our pieces are made by hand to ensure that all products are truely piece unqiue.


My hand is the extension of the thinking process - the creative process. Tadao Ando

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