About Us

JO:AH is based in Canada & Norway. All of our products are hand-picked from Korea by our co-founders Sophia and Sunhee with care.

JO:AH means to 'like' in the Korean language. It is commonly used when showing affection or enthusiasm for people, feelings, or things. We strive to bring the best products for you to joah!

JO:AH is a place where we share our interests in a wide aspect of things from Korean pop culture and much more. Whether its beauty, fashion, design, arts, culture, places, people, or lifestyle, this is a place we hope you find something special. In an ever connected world we strive to bring a piece of Korea to you. 

JO:AH aims to market brands that are different yet of excellent quality and value. We are strict on brand selection, carefully reviewing the brand's history, ingredients and materials used in order to select nothing but the highest quality products.  

JO:AH only curate harsh-free skincare products that are natural, clean and safe.  Only bringing the high quality products that you can trust and enjoy. We explore, select, and share you the best products from Korea.

Welcome to JO:AH.  Let's enjoy all things Korean beauty & lifestyle together!